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RB, Veľké Kapušany s.r.o.

The company RB, Veľké Kapušany s.r.o. was established in 2006 and has since been successfully operating in the steelmaking products market. At the beginning of our business activity we imported heavy plate steel in sheets and coils from Ukraine, however, as our customers’ demand for the products of this industry segment increased and expanded we had as well diversified our assortment of the semi-finished products, just as the list of suppliers and customers.
Our company has its seat in the own premises with an area of 3,5 ha, operating its own customs warehouse and using the facilities of our two covered warehouses with the area of 4000 m2. When handling we have at our disposal the bridge crane of 20 tons carrying capacity with electromagnet. Our premises are located only 2,5 km to the Ukrainian border near wide gauge railway.